Wedding Video Example

A lot of wedding videos you watch on YOUTUBE are staged. The video clips in our example are not staged and no stock footage was used. The wedding videos we produce are genuine, professional, and affordable.

So what are you waiting for!

Wedding videos are some of the most difficult to create for many reasons. At Birdflower Productions, we pride ourselves in making sure your special day is professionally preserved and presented.

In our video example, we used clips from 2 different weddings we shot recently. The sound track was added to closely represent what your video will be like. Of course the choice is yours on what music you want included.

Planning is key.

We can sit down with you and help you plan the video. However, the creative process starts early on and it starts with you!

Audition Videos

We can create a professional video for you to use to audition.

For example, Television shows such as;

"The Voice" or "American Idol".

Many audition opportunities are done virtually these days. These types of videos allow you to share your best performances digitally.

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Other Video Examples