Choose Your Plan

  • Music Video (Basic)

    Single Camera 1080P Shot
    • In Studio Video with Lip Sync to a track (Up to 4 min)
    • This plan includes audio recording of a Karaoke track.
  • Music Video (Medium)

    In Studio 4K Video
    • A video either live or with an Audio track (Up to 4 Min).
    • This plan includes an audio recording of a Karaoke track.
    • This Plan also Includes a backdrop if desired.
  • Music Video (Pro)

    Pricing ranges from $500 to $5000
    • Cinema Cameras, Drones, Lighting, Editing and Effects.
    • Total cost is calcualated by the hourly price of $50
    • A "Final Cost Estimate" will be issued prior to the shoot
    • An agreement must be signed by both parties
    • Must have .WAV Audio Track Completed and deleivered to us.
    • Restrictions and limitations discussed prior to Filming
  • Promotional Video

    Price ranges from $100 to $1000
    • Full Production with cinema cameras, drones and lighting
    • Total Promo video time can not exceed 1 minute in length
    • Promotional Videos from Products and Services to Shows
    • For longer than 1 min videos, cost is calculated by the hour
  • Audio (25 Per Hr)

    For recording Voice Overs or Song Demos
    • Includes Mixing and Mastering.
  • Photography

    25 Dollars Per Hr.
    • Studio or on Location
    • This includes editing
  • Single Camera Person

    Contract Our Staff
    • (1) Camera Kit and Camera Operator
    • Hourly is based on Location and Type of Shoot

Pricing can change due to travel, weather, and any other act of nature to prevent completion of our task.

An estimate will be generated prior to the project start date. Dates and Times will be determined prior to the agreement being signed. Any cancellation less than 48 hours of the project start could result in fees.