About Us

Founded in 2013, Birdflower Productions is a video/audio/photography company that focuses on the individual and their talent. We work within your budget. Our focus is on helping you reach your desired goal. Not on making a profit.

The company is owned by Donnie Bennett and he is the executive producer. We are based out of Orange Park, FL and have traveled to many places around the globe.

We work with the most up to date equipment from cinema cameras to "state of the art" audio recording equipment.

We shoot in 1080P/2K/DCI 4K/UHD 4K HQ/4K 4.2.2., 10 Bit, up to 120 FPS, 8K 12 Bit RAW*. Note: High frame rates in 4K produces that smooth slow motion effect.

We shoot high pixel photography at 14 Bit Canon RAW, .PNG, PDF, or JPEG.

The following are some of the professional equipment we use including software;

  • Gimbals

  • Professional Lighting Including Ring Lights

  • C-Stands

  • Drones with 4K video

  • Canon EOS C300 Mark III

  • Canon EOS R5 Mirror-less

  • Various size and types of Lenses (Including L-Series

  • Professional Grade Tripods & Monopods

  • Shoulder Mount Rigs for Run and Gun Shooting

  • Backdrops of all colors including Green Screens

  • Protools 12 Ultimate with UAD & Waves Plugins

  • Many types of microphones including the Neumann U87

  • Final Cut Pro X

  • Photoshop CC

We love to work with our clients and talented youth in the surrounding areas of Northeast Florida. However, it doesn't matter to us where the shoot is located. We can just as easily come to where you are.

There is a reason we are known as Jacksonville's most affordable production company. We guarantee it. Our list of services is long and it includes;

  • Music Videos

  • Audio tracks (Mixing and Mastering)

  • Photography

  • Graduation Ceremonies (Video Only) **

  • Wedding Ceremonies (Video and Audio) **

  • Real Estate Sales Video Promotions Including Drone Clips

  • Blue Prints for Home Improvement work

  • Website promotional audio and videos

  • Interviews (Field/Location/Indoor Studio)

  • Sound Foley recording in the field (Such as a Semi Truck Starting it's engine or Seagulls on a Beach)

  • Live Streaming


We compose our own program music to accompany your promo videos. That separates you from the average entrepreneur using using stock audio tracks purchased from the internet. Just check out the video section on the home page. Watch the "Sea Serpent Tours" promo. Donnie composed that music himself. Watch the Moondance video. Donnie composed the intro fanfare. We offer a wide variety of services. If we can't provide you with what you need, then we can help you find that service.

*There are some limitations to recording in 8K. Most of our recording is in 4K and in high frame rates for a smooth slow motion effect.

**Inquire about our still photography service. We may be able to help you even though we are primarily a video and audio production company.

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Donnie Bennett

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