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Birdflower Productions is closing it's doors at the end of 2022

Founded in 2013, Birdflower Productions is a video/audio/photography company that focuses on the individual and their talent. We work within your budget. Our focus is on helping you reach your desired goal without a paying industry prices.

We are here to help artists reach their desired goals.

The company is owned and operated by Donnie Bennett.



We love to work with our local talent in the surrounding areas of Northeast Florida. However, it doesn't matter to us where the shoot is located. We can just as easily come to where you are.









We compose our own program music to accompany your promo videos. That separates you from the average entrepreneur using using stock audio tracks utilized from the internet. Just check out the video section. Watch the "Sea Serpent Tours" promo. Donnie composed that music himself. Watch the "Moondance" cover video. Donnie composed the fanfare in the introduction. We offer a wide variety of services. If we can't provide you with what you need, then we can help you find that service.

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Donnie Bennett

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