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Audio Production

Sound Studio

The Voice Over Sound Studio

Voice Over Sound Studio

One of Many Voice Over Projects

Birdflower Production’s sound studio is equipped with some of the most “state of the art” audio equipment.

All audio and program music used for our voice over projects and/or video projects is recorded, mixed, and mastered right here at Birdflower Productions. (Unless otherwise noted)

From a NEVE 8816 summing mixer to UA 1176 compressors, we have all the audio equipment needed to record most types of audio tracks. Birdflower Productions uses the latest addition of Pro Tools HD and has a wide variety of plugins from Waves to UAD.

We have powerful microphones to help make your vocal qualities stand out from the rest. We have a Neumann TLM49, a Shure SM7B, Shure 58 and 57…And many more. We have lined the walls in our studio with sound absorbing material to help mitigate the ambient noises. This is perfect for voice over recordings.


Got a song you just wrote? Well then, contact us and ask for a quote to use the studio. Ask about our no cost use for students.

Voice over talent: Birdflower Productions has a variety of voice over talent. From a female British accent to documentary style voice overs. If you have a need for a book to be turned into an audio book, or a training video, just contact us for a quote and a sample. Many have used us for voice over projects such as tour companies in St. Augustine, Florida.

Donnie Bennett (Owner) and (Executive Producer) has worked in radio for many years. He has the voice it takes to make a script come alive. Most of our voice over work is proprietary and can not be shared online so feel free to ask us for a sample and references.

Donnie is the voice of St Augustine’s very own Sea Serpent Tours. As you embark on your Air Boat Tour you will hear Donnie give the safety briefing and tell stories of pirates and long lost sailors!

     Classical Music Piano Sonata

Donnie Bennett “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me” (Cover)

Donnie’s Song he Wrote and Recorded

Donnie’s Song He Wrote and Recorded

           Classical Music Orchestral

              Local Musician’s Cover Songs



If you are one of the many people I meet everyday, I would love to hear from you.

If you do not need my services, at least say hello. Or, send me feedback on my songs, videos, photo shoots, or any of my work.

Phone: 904-375-1129
Studio is located in Orange Park, Florida