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About Us

Meet The Owner, Donnie Bennett

Donnie Bennett earned a full scholarship to Stetson University for playing the trumpet.

Before he graduated, he left Stetson and joined the United States Air Force. He moved to Fairbanks, Alaska and this was his home for 6 years. He then moved back to Apopka, FL where he began to practice his song writing and music composing skills.

Donnie plays the piano and guitar. He composes most of the program (background) music for his videos. He has written many musical scores primarily for those videos which require the dynamics and the characteristics which helps the film, promo video, or documentary get it’s message out.

Donnie also composes many piano sonatas, chamber arrangements, and orchestral scores.

This is what makes Birdflower Productions so unique. You do not have to worry about the little things. We take care of all those decisions for you. And, we also let you participate in all our projects to make sure you get the best possible production.

For example, hiring musicians, choosing musical scores, font selection and placement, whether or not to add certain textures or edits to your photos is chosen for you! A “TURN-KEY” solution to your production decisions. You, of course, would have the final say and approval before publishing the project. We are the affordable productions company. Why spend thousands when you only need to spend hundreds? Before you commit to that very expensive commercial or promotion video, call or email us for a free quote.



Lake City’s Southside Idol                                                 Birdflower Productions is a proud supporter of Southside Idol. Southside Idol is a program designed to help young talented singers hone their vocal and performance skills. And as a result of this training, the contestants compete with each other for prizes such as new cars, money and/or college scholarships. Auditioning starts in September and up to 13 individuals are selected. No matter what genre of music and no matter who you are, all singers who are between the ages of 15 and 22 are qualified to audition. Once the selection process begins, the training and rehearsals are conducted in October, November, and December until the final show down in Lake City, Fl in January. This year we will be training and rehearsing at Florida Gateway College in Lake City, Fl. The facilities there are perfect for this type of program. It is a great opportunity for these talented singers to get real live experience in the spot light working with professional coaches, and professional musicians including a full band for accompaniment.  For more information on how you can help, call Birdflower Productions at 904-375-1129 or email Southside Idol has been helping singers since 2011 and is becoming more and more popular with every season and your support can help all of us carry on this great tradition which helps our youth build confidence in themselves which helps them succeed!

Update: The show was a total success! If you missed it, it will be available on DVD. Just contact me to find out how to get a copy. Congratulations goes to Brittanie Powell of Lake City, Fl. She is now the proud owner of a New Kia Soul. 2nd place went to Hallie Davis (which incidentally she finished as runner up last season). She took home a brand new acoustic guitar and cash.

Stay tuned for up coming Southside Idol events. Southside Idol 2019 starts in September.

Auditions Start in September

Donnie Bennett

Contact Birdflower Productions

If you are one of the many people I meet everyday, I would love to hear from you.

If you do not need my services, at least say “hello”. Or, send me feedback on my songs, videos, photo shoots, website, Facebook page, or any of my work.

Phone: 904-375-1129
Studio is located in Orange Park, Florida

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