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Birdflower Productions was created to help you with just about any photo, video, or audio production project you require. We work hard to keep your production’s cost down. We promise your project will fit your budget. You do not have to worry about spending your life’s savings to get your promo video, audio recording, or your photos professionally produced.

Here is a look inside Birdflower Productions

Additional Services

In addition to the three primary services we offer, the following are some additional services to help you with creating professional floor plans or elevation or mechanical drawings, editing old or new photos, and much more.

EDITING: In addition to normal media production, we can edit most photographs (Digital and Paper), video, and audio. We can restore old photos as well. If it is not in a digital format, not to worry, we have the ability to convert them to digital. We can also edit your digital video footage and create a video complete with text and music of your choosing.

We can provide audio editing and mastering. We can take your original recording and make it stand out.

LOCATION: Birdflower Productions also travels. Don’t think just because your project isn’t in the Jacksonville, Fl area, you can’t use Birdflower Productions. There is a very good chance you still can. Contact us to discuss travel arrangements and on-location shoots.

Note: All production times are done by appointment only. Some situations may require weeks or months to prepare.

DRAFTING (Auto-CAD): If you have a home improvement project requiring a permit and that permit process requires a drawing, we can supply the drawing in a professional layout to help you obtain your permit. Just fill out the contact form and we can be creating the most professional looking drawings for just about any residential drawing you require in no time. Each drawing sheet starts at only 50 dollars!

Privacy Statement: Birdflower Productions prides itself on integrity and honesty. We believe in the importance of privacy. We also believe that copyrights and ownership of material belongs to whomever owns it by the copyright laws of this nation. Birdflower Productions does not share its projects with anyone or post anything regarding a production without consulting the owner first and obtaining permission to do so. And in the event something has been shared and you wish us to remove it from any social media or online post, we will do all we can to satisfy your request.

Guarantee: If you are not fully satisfied with your project, whether it be video, audio, or photography, we will refund up to 100 percent of all production costs. Details will be discussed before the production begins. This is our way of saying we care about you and your project.

What people say about us:

  • 5
    I’ve know Donnie for years and he is one of the most talented and creative people I’ve known. I have used him for AutoCAD drawings to promotional videos for my tour company in St Augustine. Donnie is always willing to work with me and provide me with great advice. I use his magic voice to provide the narration on board my tour boat. Birdflower Productions is not just a production company, they are a tool to help me promote my business.
  • 5
    I was introduced to Donnie about a year ago and watched the DVD he produced for a talent contest. I was sold immediately! His drone footage was fabulous and his action camera was a big reason my videos are a success. He filmed my Fashion show and his team and staff were not only knowledgeable but friendly and professional. Birdflower Production rocks!! Most of all, Birdflower Productions is affordable!!
  • 5
    Donnie is my producer and will be forever! He is great and the demos he recorded for me have been more than successful in achieving my goals. He arranged all the instruments in most of my songs. He is very talented. His studio is in his house and very convenient for me. He is always ready to help out. If I need to record something, I call Birdflower Productions. Done!
  • 5
    I count on Birdflower Productions every year to provide a record or digital yearbook of an annual singing showcase I put on in Lake City. Donnie and his team are professional and very smart when it comes to the right look and produces a very professional DVD which we sell at our store. All the contestants use Birdflower Productions for their head shots and fashion photography as well. Donnie is one of a kind. We use them for everything from video, still photography, audio production, and merchandising. Call Birdflower Productions today! You will not be disappointed.