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Birdflower Productions was created to help you with just about any photo, video, or audio production project you request.
video production, audio production, still photography
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Birdflower Productions was created to help you with just about any photo, video, or audio production project you require. Birdflower Productions now has the capability to shoot full 1920X1080I HD, 2K, and 4K video. We also can film those great aerial shots with a drone or drones which footage in full 1080 HD or 4K video.

EDITING: We can edit most photographs (Digital and paper) and perform restoration to old photos as well. Even if it is not in a digital format, we have the ability to convert them to digital. We can also edit your digital video footage and create a video complete with text and music of your choosing.

Birdflower Productions also travels. Don’t think just because your project isn’t in the Jacksonville, Fl area, you can’t use Birdflower Productions. There is a very good chance you still can. Contact us to discuss travel arrangements and on-location shoots.

Contact us via email through our contact form located at the bottom of each page. We do not provide our email address to avoid spam.

Note: All production times are done by appointment only. Some situations may require weeks or months to prepare.

Privacy Statement: Birdflower Productions prides itself on integrity and honesty. We believe in the importance of privacy. We also believe that copyrights and ownership of material belongs to whomever owns it by the copyright laws and records. Birdflower Productions does not share its projects with anyone or post anything regarding a production without consulting you first and obtaining permission to do so. And in the event something has been shared and you wish us to remove it from any social media, we will do all we can to satisfy your request to do so.

Guarantee: If you are not fully satisfied with your project, whether it be video, audio, or still photography, we will refund up to 100 percent of all cost. Details will be discussed before the production begins. This is our way of saying we care about you, the customer.

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Video Production

Birdflower Production’s videography service offers top quality and post production for a very low price.

Audio Production

Audio/Sound Production

Birdflower Production’s sound studio is equipped with “state of the art” audio equipment.

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Still Photography

Birdflower Production’s has the equipment and experience to shoot in the studio or outdoors.


Keep checking back on our website for the latest and greatest happenings with Birdflower Productions!! We will be updating this section of the website each month.

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Phone: 904-375-1129
Studio is located in Orange Park, Florida